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Abel Twoj Brat 1970

Abel Twoj Brat 1970

Abel Twoj Brat 1970
Abel, twój brat (original title)
1h 30min | Drama | 2 October 1970 (Poland)


Karol is a newcomer to the class and instantly called “sissy”. He makes himself disliked by correcting his classmates and eating sandwiches, while everybody else eats dry bread and onions. He tries to make friends with class bully called Balon, and eventually succeeds. The group uses him to steal lollipops and later for an assault on a small child. The victim’s mother seeks out the responsible and Karol is identified. He eventually confesses to his mother and names his accomplices. Branded now as a “squealer” he is avoided by his former friends. During a concert Karol collapses and is carried off.

User review:

A new arrival to school, smug young Karol Matulak (Filip Lobozinski) quickly becomes disliked by much of his class. Karol attempts to make friends with tough guy Henryk Balon (Henryk Golebiowski), but is manipulated by the bully and his gang. This leads to Karol’s getting involved in petty crime and, ultimately, finding himself in trouble with the police. When Karol goes missing from school, his cruel classmates begin to regret how they treated the unpopular boy.

Director: Janusz Nasfeter
Writers: Janusz Nasfeter, Teresa Nasfeter
Stars: Filip Lobodzinski, Edward Dymek, Henryk Golebiewski
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Release Date: 2 October 1970 (Poland)
Also Known As: Abel, Your Brother
Filming Locations: Poland


Abel Twoj Brat 1970 Abel Twoj Brat 1970

Abel Twoj Brat 1970 Abel Twoj Brat 1970

boysinmovies boysinmovies

boysinmovies boysinmovies

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