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One Summer 1983

One Summer (1983)

One Summer 1983
TV Mini Series | Drama | 1983.


Two teenagers, Icky and Billy, grow tired of their life in Liverpool and decide to run away to North Wales. But it’s not long before their past catches up with them.

User review:

One Summer was one of the best TV drama’s I had the pleasure of watching. As a Young 1980’s teenager lad myself, I felt empathy for the characters. Going to school, summer camp, peer problems, teenage angst. I had it, they had it. Their problems were mine. (albeit without their violent moments and the illiteracy). I saw the series twice in full. Once in 1983 when it first aired, then again the following year. Alas, I never saw it again, and since reaching adulthood, I have been trying to find it. Partly I think to relive my youth, but also to recapture the emotional feelings it left me with. The humor, sadness and the graphic images live with me to this day. Tattooed into my memory bank, never to be erased. Dramas of this calibre do not come along too often. Some come and go without a second thought. Not this one. This was wonderful in its writing and acting. Why it has never been shown again (to my knowledge), remains a mystery. This would be a repeat I’d watch again and again.

Director: Gordon Flemyng
Writer: Willy Russell (uncredited)
Stars: David Morrissey, Spencer Leigh, Sheila Fay
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Language: English.

Download E1 to E5 from Nitroflare

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