Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM]

Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM]
Aime... comme minet 1982

Aime… comme minet 1982

Aime… comme minet 1982
1h | Adult | 1982


An 18-year-old boy auditions for Cadinot and recalls his early sexual experiences in front of the camera.

User review:

I regard “Aime Comme Minet” as four separate stories, three filmed at an earlier time, the fourth (which we understand from Cadinot’s own descriptions of the resulting product) occurring a couple of years afterward. All four stories star Pierre Buisson, and each deals with one or more themes that are present throughout Cadinot’s film career.

I believe it is useful to describe each of the three earlier stories first. Episode 1 takes place in a large bakery where two men Frederic Lemaire and Ducko Vuckovich) work beneath large Pavallier ovens. A twinkish young man (Pierre Buisson) is employed to scrub out large vats where the baker’s dough is mixed.

In a Cadinot theme, reminiscent of his contemporary “Scouts” and “Stop”, Buisson is provocatively dressed, wearing the shortest of shorts. (If his bakery uniform differs from Cadinot’s scout uniforms in that his genitals are shielded from open view, it is clear his body mesmerizes Lemaire and Vuckovich.

THey grab him. Vuckovich, in a departure from a usual rape scene, orally services Buisson who is unambiguously receptive. I find most intriguing about the men’s reaction is the length of time that Cadinot spends on the “what the hell is this guy playing at?” expressions on the men’s faces.

The second scene (which, to me, seems to utilize Buisson at his youngest age), is a romantic tryst between two soccer buds (Buisson and Luigi di Como) who use the staircase leading to their separate apartments as a place for love-making. They straddle the staircase and banisters in a variety of positions that predate the choreographed encounters of Kristen Bjorn’s films. This resonates with the theme of adolescent gay love that Cadinot showed us in “Tender Adolescents”.

The third scene returns to the anti-clerical theme that we saw in a more satirical presentation, in “Scouts”. We are at Paris’ Sacre Couer Cathedral, but there we meet Loic Le Gallec sitting on a bench on the pathway down to a public men’s room. This is obviously a place of gay assignation, because Le Gallec sits in short shorts that display his ball-sac to passersby.

Passing by is the jogger Buisson, who jogs back to join Le Gallec in an exploration of some of the lesser known (at least to the main congregation) of Sacre Couer’s spaces, and an exploration of each others bodies, which they find to their tastes, and do indeed do a lot of tasting

All these three disparate episodes are integrated into a whole film through the device of a cameraman snapping shots of an older Buisson recalling the “rape”, the romance with his soccer buddy, and the confidence he obtained by alternating the dominant sexual role with Le Gallec at Sacre Couer.

The English translation of the French title as “All of Me” is, to me unsatisfactory. All in all, the bakery and soccer buddy scenes are worth the effort to track this film down and the images of Sacre Couer make for a great travel film.

Director: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Writer: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Stars: Pierre Buisson, Loic Le Gallec, Luigi Di Como
Country of origin: France
Language: French
Also known as: All of Me

Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM] Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM] Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM] Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM] Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM] Aime… comme minet 1982 | Boys in movies [BiM]

Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 471 MiB
Duration : 54 min 53 s
Overall bit rate : 1 201 kb/s

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