CrissCross 1992 | Boys in movies [BiM]

CrissCross 1992 | Boys in movies [BiM]
CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992.

CrissCross 1992
– 1h 40 min. | Crime, Drama | 8 May 1992 (USA)


Set in 1969, a twelve-year-old grows up in Key West with his mother, who is paying the bills by stripping at the local topless bar. The boy finds out about her activities and tries to convince her to stop, to no avail. A local restaurant owner hires him to collect fish from a boat out in the bay, and the boy discovers that the restaurant owner is using the fish to bring drugs in to shore. He steals one load and goes about selling it so his mother can afford to quit her job.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for language and drug-related scenes, and for brief but strong sensuality.

User review:

It’s amazing how Goldie Hawn is almost always overlooked when she tries to play it serious, even when she’s good. A perfect example of this is 1991’s “Crisscross,” dealing with the special relationship between a young single mother and her twelve-year old son.

Set in Key West, Florida, just prior to the first moon landing, the film is loaded with atmosphere, and the Key West scenes are beautiful (Amazing how the only film that ever shows how it can be during the hurricane season was the Paul Hogan/Elijah Wood “Flipper.” But I digress.). Best of all, though, are Hawn and young David Arnott, as mother and son, both giving understated, believable performances. Young Arnott, especially, should have had a major career ahead of him. As it was, this was his only film role. Does anyone know what became of him?

The supporting actors are good, as well, particularly Arliss Howard as the writer Hawn falls in love with, and the actors, whose names escape me, playing the characters of Emmett, Bugs, and Termina.

This film is a true hidden treasure. Watch it, and you have a real treat in store.

Director: Chris Menges
Writers: Scott Sommer (novel), Scott Sommer (screenplay)
Stars: Goldie Hawn, Arliss Howard, James Gammon
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 8 May 1992 (USA)
Also Known As: Criss Cross
Filming Locations: Eden House, 1015 Fleming St, Key West, Florida, USA.

CrissCross 1992 CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992 CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992 CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992 CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992 CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992 CrissCross 1992

CrissCross 1992

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