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Fulboy 2015

Fulboy 2015
– 1h 22min | Documentary, Biography, Sport | March 2015 (UK)


On the verge of achieving his dream career, Tomás allows his older brother Martin Farina an inside look at his life as a professional football player. Martin, never able to fulfill his own dream of playing football, steps into the world of Tomás and his teammates through the lens of his camera. However, the rest of the club has their own opinions, some viewing Martin as an intruder, as he exposes their most vulnerable moments, and their concerns for the future after the game has ended. Fulboy offers an uncensored, confessional look at how the athletes behind the most popular sport in the world behave during their time off the field. At the same time, Fulboy reflexively interrogates Farina’s aesthetic choices and point-of-view, as well as the viewer’s gaze at the male form.

User review:

My title says it all, this is a documentary about a football team in Argentina, it is supposed to be a total access all areas with revealing interviews etc. And to a great extent that is exactly what it is.

There are shower scenes and some male nudity and that seems to be the angle being pushed – and it falls way short of that particular sales pitch. Then as a revealing football documentary it is also somewhat banal with players moaning about being called names when they are sheeit on the pitch. Where I did like it was the social commentary and the shots of the fans. Some of these were insightful and funny. I really like the kids saying to one player ‘go and play cards instead’ – in England we tend to infer that they have a slavish addiction to ‘onanism’ – as an alternative.

If this wins any awards then I would put money on the fact that Sep Blatter was behind it. So a bit of a hotch potch and not a very original one at that. I feel my three stars is probably being glass half full – so if in doubt best got for the rental option as I did.

Director: Martín Farina
Writers: Martín Farina, Martín Farina
Stars: Tomás Farina, Jorge Luis Medina, Gonzalo Peralta
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Release Date: March 2015 (UK)
Also Known As: Les garçons du stade.


Fulboy 2015 Fulboy 2015

Fulboy 2015 Fulboy 2015

Fulboy 2015 Fulboy 2015

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 529 MiB
Duration : 1 h 20 min
Overall bit rate : 914 kb/s

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