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Hollenritt 2008

Hollenritt 2008
– Höllenritt (original title)
– 30 min. | Short, Comedy, Drama | 30 May 2008 (Germany)


Jakob has a huge problem. His father is going to pick him up for the week- end for the first time since his parents’ divorce. Jakob hates his father and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him any more. That’s why he wants to join DAA. The ‘Dads Are Arseholes’ club was founded by children whose parents are divorced. But you can’t join unless you have enough points. The only way Jakob can earn points is if he plays horrid pranks on his Dad. Jakob has a busy weekend ahead of him.

User review:

Brilliant, prize winning short film from Germany. The story revolves around a twelve year old boy called Jakob and how the separation of his parents affects the relationship to his father. Director Martin Busker successfully films this entirely from the perspective of the boy. Jakob’s thoughts are cleverly mixed into the dialogue happening around him, constantly providing the viewer with Jakob’s perspective. The short film contains many comic elements, situation comedy, childish slapstick as well as the very effective use of colours, graphics and fantasy situations, that spring from Jakob’s thoughts.

The tale is hypnotic, you keep waiting for things to get better for the boy, only to be disappointed again and again by his socially clumsy father. The ending is thoughtful and funny, without being sentimental. The acting is superb. All supporting characters – his friends, the father and the new girlfriend and her daughter; all looking completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Well filmed, great story, great acting, I gave this 10/10. In my eyes you can’t do more in an half an hour format.

Director: Martin Busker
Writer: Matthias Schmidt
Stars: Aaron Altaras, Jockel Tschiersch, Julia Koschitz.


Hollenritt 2008 Hollenritt 2008

Hollenritt 2008 Hollenritt 2008

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 283 MiB
Duration : 30 min 46 s
Overall bit rate : 1 284 kb/s

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