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Mrs McCutcheon 2017

Mrs McCutcheon 2017
Not Rated | 17min | Short, Comedy, Drama | 10 June 2018 (USA)


Having always felt he was born in the wrong body, 10-year-old Tom chooses the name Mrs McCutcheon rather than the name he was given at birth; he also prefers the flow of a dress rather than the cut of a pant. Now at his third school Tom is having trouble settling in and finding acceptance from his newfound peers – except for Trevor, a tough little charmer who also suffers prejudice due to his Aboriginal heritage. With the school dance only days away Tom is thrust on a journey of self-discovery and sacrifices to find his place in the world. Be prepared for a courageous ending that might just revolutionize the school dances forever.

User review:

Warning: Spoilers
Whether intentionally or not, the ending scene of this short shows up the one little “gay moment” at the end of the live-action Beauty and the Beast in so many ways. It is true that an independent short does not have the same kind of audience expectations as a classic Disney movie, but the short does have mostly nine-year-old characters which counts for something. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone wanting to cross-dress at such a young age, but I expect I will start to more often in coming years. The school bullying was pretty standard and unrealistic, but at least they cast a short kid as the head bully instead of resorting to the fat bully cliche. I, and most of the audience I saw it with, liked Mrs. McCutchen’s friend Trevor, and I liked that he was a sporty kid who got into trouble instead of an obviously gay kid. The ending dance was a little overly cute, but it was nonetheless fitting in showing the sort of acceptance and tolerance that the short is hoping to bring about.

Director: John Sheedy
Writers: John Sheedy (story), Ben Young
Stars: Koko Crozier, Ava Allen, Mikayla Borchard
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 10 June 2018 (USA)

Mrs McCutcheon 2017 Mrs McCutcheon 2017

Mrs McCutcheon 2017 Mrs McCutcheon 2017

Mrs McCutcheon 2017 Mrs McCutcheon 2017

Mrs McCutcheon 2017 Mrs McCutcheon 2017

Mrs McCutcheon 2017 Mrs McCutcheon 2017

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 1.49 GiB
Duration : 17 min 10 s
Overall bit rate : 12.4 Mb/s

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