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Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine

Bror min 2002 – Brother of Mine
10min | Short, Drama | 7 February 2002 (Germany)


A car plays the main part of a torture-chamber in Jens Jonsson’s Bror min, where two brothers pull off a fight inside while waiting for their parents who are fighting outside. The older of the two demonstrates with deep concentration all the funny little gadgets the car can provide in order to torture a kid brother.


Jens Jonssons short film “Bror min is about two brothers with divorced parents. The oldest tail bored and cranky before him and the youngest is playing on the Game Boy as their mother takes them to their father. Nobody seems very enthusiastic about it and the atmosphere is printed. Sure enough, when they arrived at the home of their father the conflicts begin again. Almost lifeless apathy makes room for silly bickering between mom and dad. Probably they do not know even what it’s about. The two brothers waiting in the car and barely interested, it seems. But the troubled relationship lacks its impact on the two boys. The older brother starts a vicious harassment. Or his brother has sex with their mother or something. If he admits not he threaten to do it with a cigarette lighter loeihete pain. The recent struggles and cries a bit, but it seems his older brother to cold. Meanwhile, the parents quarrel outside tasty further.
Why the cruel harassment, the question is raised by Jonsson. The oldest brother just a little sadist who not interested in how his brother feels? Is not taught him how ill the things he says and does? Or is he just gives a lot to be young, yet innocent brother. Is he trying to make him perhaps hard for the unforgiving world around him, where even parents are blind to the feelings of their children.
They are not uninteresting topics Jonsson in “Bror min broaches. But still gnaws at what. The eldest brother is so unusually harsh that it is difficult to imagine that this is selfless love, a little sympathetic draw did not hurt. Or perhaps we are dysfunctional families gradually or simply tired and had a slightly fresher approach to remove. Cinematographic seen anything otherwise fine. The images are shot in fitting style, as if you’re actually a spectator of what is happening. Improvisational music adds to an oppressive feeling disoriented.

Director: Jens Jonsson
Writer: Jens Jonsson
Stars: Lena B. Eriksson, Leif Andrée, Henrik Lundström

Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine

Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine

Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine Bror min 2002 - Brother of Mine

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Duration : 10mn 44s
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