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Seeing Heaven 2010

Seeing Heaven 2010

Seeing Heaven 2010
1h 46min | Drama, Thriller | 25 April 2011 (UK


A beautiful young escort, Paul, suffers from trip-like dreams he doesn’t understand. These visions are shared by his clients, both scaring and exciting them. Paul is searching for his twin brother, whom he hasn’t seen since childhood, and hooks up with enigmatic film director John Baxter. Desired by everyone but lost to himself, Paul is persuaded to make one adult film, which will help him discover himself, and in the process find his twin. But the journey he goes on is a dark one, involving dangerous clients, an unscrupulous rival producer, and unsafe sex. In discovering his true past, Paul is in danger of destroying himself

User review:

I absolutely ADORED this film and could not disagree more with the other reviewer here. The things he found boring and monotonous, I actually think these very parts are what make the film so good. Its meant to be dark and kind of moody, i liken it (the mood) to Donnie Darko but not quite as bizarre. The dream sequences are stunning and are only repetitive to a point, which is the point i think, each time they are shown throughout the film, we are shown a little more, from different angles that reveal more while not answering questions…. it had me guessing to the very end…who is behind the mask? what happened to his brother? and is he even real? these are a few of the questions i found myself asking, hence me wanting to watch more and get more drawn in, until you are finally given the answers in a pretty awesome twist i reckon! 🙂 I suppose it just goes to show, what some people love about a film, can be the very same thing that turns someone off (though its kinda hard not to be turned on! there’s a lot of sex scenes and nudity, but its not gratuitous). If you want to watch a gay themed movie thats different to any other so far, id say watch “seeing heaven”. I personally LOVED IT!

Director: Ian Powell
Writer: Ian Powell (screenplay)
Stars: Alexander Bracq, Denton Lethe, Thomas Thoroe

Seeing Heaven 2010 Seeing Heaven 2010

Seeing Heaven 2010 Seeing Heaven 2010

boysinmovies boysinmovies

boysinmovies boysinmovies

Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 4.03 GiB
Duration : 1 h 46 min
Overall bit rate mode : Variable
Overall bit rate : 5 390 kb/s

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